Digital Photography

Capturing the World WIth A Click Of The Shutter

Our photography students learn to see the world through a lens and understand how to capture the world around them. This course is designed to help them understand the mechanics of digital photography, what constitutes a “good” photo, and how to utilize natural and artificial light in their photography. We cover the primary settings to utilize when using a camera in Manual mode and how each should be used for different applications, including lifestyle, landscape, nature, sports, portrait, miniature and product photography. In each section, they are taught how to find or create a composition that is engaging and tells a story to their audience. Beyond simply capturing photos, the students then take the next step and edit them in Lightroom to enhance their subject or composition.

When students complete the Fundamentals of Digital Photography they will be able to:

  • Identify the manual settings of a digital camera and know how to apply them.
  • Set up lighting, both natural and artificial, to build a composition. 
  • Utilize Lightroom to enhance RAW photography.
  • Defend their work to peers during critiques
  • Embrace constructive criticism, so they can improve their skills
  • Confidently capture quality photos for the following disciplines: landscape, nature, portrait, lifestyle, sports, and miniature photography.

Photographer of the Fall

Each semester the students vote on who they believe showed mastery of the skills taught in the class and was the overall strongest photographer at the end of the semester. 

View Each Student's Individual Portfolios

Kasey Chadwick

Ryan Chen

Cohen Lemcke

Ace Nichols

Blake Stephens

GarretT Talkington

Juan Vera Carona

Joshua Werner