Fitness & Training

Developing Lifelong Fitness Habits

Blue Ridge School places fitness and healthy habits among the most important aspects of our curriculum. We’ve designed our fitness and training program to enable boys to work out at their own pace towards meeting their personal goals. Our continually expanding fitness center with new weight training equipment and cardio machines is one way students expand their sports-oriented or fitness objectives. Boys often form informal groups that work out together regularly to keep them accountable. Since faculty, staff, and our star athletes also work out there, there’s usually someone around who is willing to provide input on exercises and techniques. And all Blue Ridge students have access to our on-staff athletic trainer who evaluates sports injuries and guides the recovery process.

Beyond the gym, boys have access to mountain bikes and our 15 miles of trails, as well as 750 acres of space for running and hiking. Students also venture off campus to attend sports camps, ride horses, or hike in the mountains. The great thing about Blue Ridge School is that it’s easy to find support, companionship, and advice to pursue whatever activities you like. We want fitness to become a habit that will follow boys throughout their lives.

Department Faculty

Clint Alexander

Head Football Coach, History Teacher, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Hall Parent

Brian Blaine

English Teacher, Varsity Soccer Assistant Coach, Strength & Conditioning Assistant Coach