Franck Germain (Student Leader and Free Spirit)

learning in the technology lab

“Blue Ridge has definitely made me a more well-rounded student. Being a scholar has always been a goal of mine, but Blue Ridge has also allowed me to participate in activities I most likely would never have had the opportunity to partake in. This includes playing a supporting role in a school musical, being a member of the football team, and recording and producing music in the tech lab. I had never been in any sort of art performance before my arrival at Blue Ridge. I’ve always had a “why-not” mentality. But, there were no opportunities like that in my hometown of Atlanta. I was attending a public school with a thousand kids, which isn’t as personal, you know? Blue Ridge is a small school, so everyone has a bond and it’s like family. Here, you are encouraged to test yourself and you trust the guys.”

Update: Franck made school history when his original musical, “Decatur 404” was performed on the DeAngelis Stage. A 2018 graduate, he is currently studying at Harvard University.