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Built for Community

At Blue Ridge School, all the boys live on campus, as do most of the faculty. When living and studying in the family-style culture this creates, boys develop strong bonds with their teachers, adult mentors, and classmates from around the world. They relate more closely with their learning. They build confidence and independence. They learn valuable interpersonal skills. They compete to better themselves. Plus, they gain the peer, faculty, and staff support they need while navigating their way to manhood.

The boys aren’t the only ones who live on campus. The majority of our faculty and staff live here, too, along with their families and pets. The boys know their math teacher’s children, their coach’s dog, and their advisor’s cell number. So there is a true sense of family here—a multigenerational home-away-from-home where everyone watches out for each other, supports each others’ challenges, and is invested in each others’ successes.

Each boy has a faculty advisor who serves as his mentor and supports him in and out of the classroom. But the advisory is not just academic. It’s character-based and social as well. In fact, advisors meet regularly for dinner or some other family-style activity with the boys they mentor. In essence, the advisor serves as a consistent, supportive, go-to adult for the various needs a boy may have while at Blue Ridge School, from his academic and residence lives to his individual and social lives. They also serve as a point of contact for parents who want a holistic view of their boy’s progress. But their primary goal is to help make the school feel more like home.

One of the truly unique aspects of an all-boys, all-boarding environment is the bonds of brotherhood that are formed by boys relying on each other for friendship, support, and inspiration 24-hours a day. They are immersed and invested in each other through thick and thin. The seeds of social, personal, and intellectual growth planted within them at Blue Ridge School grow into friendships and connections that endure throughout their lives. You just can’t achieve that depth of brotherhood any other way.

Special bonds form in an all-boys, all-boarding environment.

A Team Built for Every Boy’s Success

Faculty mentors provide guidance, support, and friendship that create a comforting feeling of home.

180 boys from around the world
80% of faculty live on campus
120 weekend activities and events each year

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