Student Leadership

Led By Boys

For boys who feel called to leadership, Blue Ridge School provides opportunities for them to grow, mature, and develop the skills unique to elected and appointed service. Rather than being merely a popularity contest, achieving a leadership role at Blue Ridge School is based on a boy’s character and the example he sets in his daily life. By providing a variety of leadership opportunities to pursue, boys can find the role that fits them best.


Members of the Senior Class elected by their fellow students and faculty, the role of a Prefect is to generate school spirit, serve as a role model for other students, and take a leadership position in their residence hall.


Chosen by a vote of faculty and students each spring, Proctors are juniors who have the specific role of assisting Hall Parents and Prefects with the management of the dorm wing on which they live. They also participate in leadership training throughout the course of the year.

Honor Council Members

An elected role subject to Headmaster approval, being a member of the Honor Council is central to the Blue Ridge School ethic. This group is made up of seniors who help educate the community about being honorable as defined by the school’s Honor Code. Led by an appointed faculty advisor, they also ensure due process when there are Code violations.

Student-Faculty Disciplinary Committee

An elected position, the Disciplinary Committee is charged with ensuring a complete and fair hearing for students who have allegedly violated school rules that are not honor violations.

Student Council

As in other schools, each year, each of the four classes elects officers to represent the students, monitor morale, serve as conduits of information between students and school leadership, and recommend updates to school policy.

Sacristan and Verger

The Sacristan and the Verger are senior leadership positions within Gibson Memorial Chapel and they assist the Chaplain in planning and carrying out all aspects of the Chapel program.