Outdoor Experience

Built for a Boy's True Nature

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Blue Ridge experience is our robust outdoor program. From seven outdoor elective classes that focus on outdoor education to afternoon activities and off-campus weekend trips, we utilize our location at the base of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains to help boys channel their energy, hone their leadership skills, foster respect for the environment, enhance their self esteem, and learn the value of teamwork.

With 15 miles of trails crossing our 750-acre campus, extensive outdoor facilities, and activities like mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, fly fishing, and orienteering, everything about our outdoor program is built for a boy’s adventurous spirit.

student shows off a fish he caught
“My dream is to expand outdoor education in China and start teaching the skills I’ve learned to people in my country…to help them understand the importance of the environment. The Blue Ridge School helped me with my path.”

—Wai Kwan Ng ’19

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See how our Outdoor Program helps boys find their passion, hone their leadership skills, and foster a respect for the environment.

15 miles of mountain trails
seven outdoor elective classes
21 weekend outdoor adventures
learning marksmanship


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